Replete Skincare

Lip Restore™


This amazing lip balm is iBio - it works to reduce wrinkles, build a new full layer of the lip skin underneath and lifts old skin when ready to be exposed- often within few hours. Provides antibacterial and anti-fungal protection - restoring lush, natural, beautifully textured lips. Lip Restore™ is also great for rebuilding revitalized cuticles and stronger nails, preventing dryness from air travel.

  • Restores fullness and moisture to depleted lips
  • Protects from climatic impact
  • Smoothens and softens the contours of the lips
  • Can be applied to lips for instant comfort and protection
  • Ideal for use while flying, boating or biking
  • Great for moisturizing cuticles or for fast healing of minor paper cuts
  • 95.85% bio actives MOISTURIZING, SOOTHING, HEALING CRACK LIPS, Proprietary Actives™

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