Replete Skincare

Rejuvenating Mist


This extraordinary mist has over 62 ingredients that are fully interactive with your body. Delivering nutrients that are rich, safe, and sourced from the purest waters in the world and its seaweeds, this formula delivers unparalleled hydration that penetrates to the inner layers of the epidermis to promote healthy vascular systems for visibly firmer skin. When used upon morning hours will alleviate jet lag with a new energy surge for body and mind. Safe to inhale to hydrate lungs from the plane dry air. Contains ocean water from 3000 Ft depth 200 year old layer from the coast of Hawaii Islands then condensed 10 times to match mineral content of amniotic fluid we are born in. If used in the evening it will keep you up for another three hours.


  • Rapidly neutralizes stressful changes in humidity and salts to help keep skin balanced
  • Promotes optimal moisture retention within skin cells
  • Strengthen the skin's natural barrier
  • Simultaneously soothes and energizes exhausted skin by building up and improving your skin’s defenses. 
  • Can also be used to set makeup for a “flawless finish”


Apply in the afternoon (from 2 pm on) to replenish the skin. Ideal to restore energy and recover from jet lag when used upon morning landing after overnight flights. 100% of the product is usable for the entire body including the face will absorb without leaving any residue when following the suggested amount. With proper use should last for two months.

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